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Pashmina  handwoven in Bansbari, Nepal


From our beginnings 10 years ago as weavers and designers of fine silk, linen and handspun cotton fabrics,  Pashm has metamorphised into one of Nepal's premier silk/pashmina shawl manufacturers.   

Pashmina is often inaccurately described as the highest quality of cashmere.  In fact there is no difference between cashmere and pashmina.  The highest quality of pashmina is the highest quality of cashmere, and the lowest pashmina is the lowest cashmere.  Pashmina and cashmere refer to the same thing.  The raw material comes from Tibet and Inner Mongolia.     

As pashmina grows in popularity and is appreciated by more and more people around the world, standards have fallen.  To keep up with the world's demand, most pashmina shawls are now woven with very low grade pashmina, and most are no longer made on the traditional hand loom.  Pashmina and merino wool blended yarns are commonly exported as pure pashmina.  

Pashm uses live weavers and the highest quality pashmina and silk available.   High quality yarn costs more,  but after weaving into a shawl, our shawls do not need to be mechanically brushed to make them soft.   It is common for shawls made from inferior yarns to be brushed and softened with chemicals.  These shawls will shed and become threadbare quickly.  Not only are they not going to be passed down through generations,  they may not even survive until the next winter! 

The Pashm workshop was founded nearly 10 years ago by David Muir after a 2 year long textile pilgrimage throught South Asia.  We began weaving silk/pashmina 5 years ago when we could not find a high enough quality silk/pashmina for our design work.   From 1999 to 2005 the Pashm workshop has exported more than 20,000 shawls, stoles, scarves, throws and blankets.   Many of these were sold through one of America's premier department store/catalog companies.  And the rest were sold to boutiques and individuals around the world. 

Pashm currently employees around 40 staff, the majority women.  We are a mixture of cultures and languages -  Nepali, Sherpa, Bengali, Bihari, Limbu, Rai, Tibetan, Gurung, and American. 

The Pashm workshop pioneered the herringbone and diamond silk/pashmina weave designs as well as the 2-tone weaves, where the silk and pashmina are dyed two shades.  We are known for our attention to detail.  We have set the standard for fringe work that is even in its spacing and consistent in its knotting position.  While many hand loomed shawls are labelled with a disclaimer to excuse uneven edges and inconsistent yarn spacing,  the Pashm shawl cannot be distinguished from the power loom versions in this respect.  Each of our weavers is also a loom engineer.  In fact last winter we constructed by hand the largest loom in Nepal so we could manufacture the largest hand loomed silk/pashmina blanket in the world at 90" x 120"!

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